The vision of JJH Identify B.V.

Textiles production today is arguably the most polluting industry on our planet. Besides that, true CSR policies are rare. With a global middle class expected to grow from present 1 billion to 3 billion people between 2015 and 2020 demand for textile products is to rise steeply.
This will inevitably lead to even higher pressures on low-cost labour and an even bigger ecological footprint. It’s time for change in labour and ecology policy in this global business which touches literally every-body for the sake of a sustainable world & planet.

The circular approach:

We produce textile products with recycled content. Organic or traditional cotton if wanted, mixed with recyclet polyester. Bamboo and tencel are also possible.

After use in Europe, we collect and mutate the used products and ship these per container to India where we shred, and spin. From the new yarn new products will be made.

In combination with our ecological dyeing plant, Mahan Ltd, we assure a 0% pollution in the whole chain.

CSR Policy:

A good product can only be perfect if it made under a good and strong CSR policy. That is why we made our choices for living wages, gender-policy, English lessons for our employees, our own cook to prepare lunches, a school fund for the children of our employees and a daycare centre.

To achive this we sourced Dutch as well as local NGO’s and we follow the SDG’s of the United Nations.


Maximize reusable products and raw maerials and minimize depreciation..