JJH Textiles B.V. is a new Dutch company of Han Hamers, located in Heusden, with its own production company JJH Textiles Bangladesh Ltd. at the border of Dhaka in Bangladesh.
Here a European team is in charge of the production departments and sales support activities.

Textiles production today is arguably the most polluting industry on our planet. Besides that, true CSR policies are rare. With a global middle class expected to grow from present 1 billion to 3 billion people between 2015 and 2020 demand for textile products is to rise steeply.
This will inevitably lead to even higher pressures on low-cost labour and an even bigger ecological footprint. It’s time for change in both our approach to labour and ecology in this global business which touches literally every-body for the sake of a sustainable world & planet.

Entrance of JJH Textiles Bangladesh Ltd.


JJH Textiles to be the work wear company where the 3 P’s are equally important and truly number 1 priority.


Office building:



Set-up production facilities in Bangladesh and possibly other countries where under full control of  Dutch management work wear is produced, living wages are paid, a sustanaible profit is made, used clothing is recycled, equal opportunities and wages are offered for each gender, safe and pleasant environment for all of our employees, with a high eco-level, lean production with high flexibility

A look into the factory after working hours:


In India we have set setup some years ago the first ecofriendly dyeing plant, Mahan Ltd.
By adding JJH Textiles Bangladesh Ltd. we can combine green and cheaper.